9 months ago

Probellum can confirm award-winning content partner Whisper as its new Production Partner with the company gearing up to announce a landmark broadcast deal.  

Probellum, a global boxing and media business, see Whisper’s proven talent for showcasing sports in a new way as an ideal match as they look to “reimagine” how the sport is presented on screen. 
The agreement is for an initial five events – starting in Dubai on March 18 and 19 – and Whisper will draw on its unrivalled expertise in ‘event television’ as part of a new broadcast agreement that Probellum is due to announce ahead of those back-to-back Probellum Evolution shows this month. 
Whisper’s success in F1, WSL, NFL and international cricket, promises Probellum’s events will feature eye-catching graphic design, opinionated talent, immersive camera angles and the best creative storytelling to offer viewers the ‘Best Seat in the House’.   
“Probellum wants to reimagine how boxing can be presented in a way that elevates the athletes and the sport to new audiences while shattering the ‘That’s the way boxing has always done it’ mentality,” said the Emmy Award-winning Anthony Petosa, Executive Vice President of Production & Creative for Probellum. 
“We are delighted to be partnering with Whisper and its talented team. From our very first conversation they instantly understood our vision and it has been a thrill to work with them as we build towards our upcoming events starting in Dubai later this month.”  
Probellum  and Whisper will initially team-up on five upcoming events, including two in Dubai followed by three in the UK, which will take place on 25 March in Newcastle, 22 April in Liverpool, with a third set for London. 

 “Working with Probellum, our aim is to create a joined-up approach between the broadcast and in-arena experience, as a great event atmosphere will elevate the broadcast,” John Curtis, Whisper Executive Producer said.  

We have the right team to deliver this vision, which will be immersive and engaging, built on delivering editorial excellence in every area, including ring walks, live fight coverage, replays, commentary and pre-fight features. Probellum shares our ambition and drive to deliver truly immersive and entertaining boxing coverage.”  

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