4 months ago

‘Between Rounds’ – 60 seconds of quick-fire questions with former Olympian and fast-rising super lightweight puncher Arthur Biyarslanov

Arthur Biyarslanov hopes to channel the warrior spirit of the legendary Arturo Gatti after adopting his walk-on music.

The Canadian looks to edge closer to a super lightweight title shot on Friday night when he faces Issouf Kinda over 10 rounds in Montreal on the co-promotion between GYM and Probellum.


And the Chechen Wolf (10-0, 8KOs) will walk to the ring to the sounds of AC-DC’s Thunderstruck, which accompanied Gatti into battle throughout his remarkable career.

“One of the reasons why I have had Thunderstruck on for my last few fights is because it has a great energy to it, because of Arturo,” Biyarslanov told Probellum.com

“He had a really tough heart and I believe we have the same heart.”

Biyarslanov is gym-mates with fearsome light heavyweight king Artur Beterbiev and says: “One time I did light sparring with Artur, and he’s got really heavy hands. He just threw a jab, and he only hit my hands, but you could feel the energy, the power, and I was like: ‘Wow’. Now I understand why he’s the machine.”

Ahead of his fight on Friday night, Biyarslanov spoke to Probellum about Gatti, his favourite fighters and his blossoming friendship with UFC star Khamzat Chimaev, in our latest Between Rounds.

Favourite Fighter: When I was younger, I always watched Mike Tyson, Ropy Jones Junior and Prince Naseem.  I tried to imitate their styles – but I never tried to copy Naz’s flip over the top rope! 

Favourite Fight: It’s the fight everyone talks about – Arturo Gatti vs Micky Ward.  The ref knew what both guys were capable of and allowed them to fight.  It would’ve been stopped early if it happened today. 

Favourite other sport: Soccer!  I was a soccer player before I was a boxer and I’ve still got it; I can still play.  Real Madrid are my favourite team.

Favourite meal: After a fight it has to be chocolate and all the sugary stuff because you stay away from it during camp.

Last place you went on holiday: I can’t even remember, it’s been that long, with Covid and my training schedule.

Best film you’ve seen: Troy was good, and I really like Gladiator too.

Netflix recommendation: I’m the wrong person to ask but a while back I watched Prison Break and that was interesting, but I don’t know if it’s on Netflix. 

Most famous follower on social media: Khamzat Chimaev follows me on Instagram.  We support each other through social media, and we chat sometimes on Instagram.

If you weren’t a boxer, your job would be: I would definitely do something with sport, like a Phys Ed teacher.

If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life: I’m not really a music guy, I only put on Thunderstruck when I come to the ring!